Who We Are

Matcha. It’s everywhere. But is it in your skincare?

If you not, we seriously need to talk about our matcha obsession.  

At Lica Cole, we want to spread our peace, love and good vibes to you by sharing our wholesome blend of all natural skin beautifying ingredients.

With the purest roots, herbs and botanicals infused into our skin care, you won’t have to worry about getting enough greens for the day. Our skin routine has got you covered.

Our products as gentle yet efficient that will heal, cleanse, tone and smooth any and all skin types.

And of course, you want to smell good. Which is why we have protected each ingredients integrity to keep a light, fresh and herbal aroma, without the use of toxic or synthetic perfumes and scents.

Get your good vibes and healthy skin with Lica Cole. Beautiful, simply.