Our Story

Our Story

With a passion for holistic beauty, creator Elica Lemann started Lica Cole Body Care to incorporate what was most important to her: chemical-free, pure and affordable body care with matcha green tea.

She realized that much of the focus is on the face when treating the skin, not the entire body.

But every inch of your skin needs love and healthy treatments to avoid breakouts and blemishes, right? We think so too.

With healing the full body at the core of her mission, she combined wholesome, organic ingredients with restorative properties to produce the good vibes and clear skin you are looking for.  

Our team grew as Lemann sought out other natural beauty enthusiasts to help build her vision of an  eco-friendly, cruelty-free and organic body care line.

Our unity and teamwork expanded the dream of Lica Cole to what it has become today!

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance your well-being, while healing even the most sensitive of skin with the power of nature. By creating premium, organic body care, made with quality matcha  we seek to bring you harmony with your skin.

Many of use deal with unwanted breakouts and blemishes on a daily basis. Lica Cole wants to give you the gift of healthy, glowing skin using the beautiful and wholesome ingredients that nature has provided for us.

Our products are vegan and cruelty free. We believe that by show the world around us love that love will be given back.

We want you to feel radiant and naturally beautifully everyday. Which is why our formulas are great for all skin types, from oily, to dry to sensitive.

Love and honor your whole body with Lica Cole.

Our Vision

Your skin health  journey must begin with help from nature. We believe that the best way to heal, treat and sooth your skin is through natural, plant-based ingredients that nature has provided for us. We also seek to reduce the damage done to nature by the heavy pollution and toxic chemical use that is left behind when  processed, non-organic products are made. Thus, being eco-friendly is very important to us.

Now,  we are a team with a mission: to provide you with the healing power of organic ingredients  and cleanse you with the restorative properties of matcha, all the while maintaining your natural beauty. Simply.