Green Secret

For all you environmentally conscious  babes out there, we care about fairtrade and organic farming just as much as you do.  Which is why we support small farms who put their heart and souls into everything they grow.  

By avoiding mass production and chemically grown ingredients, we can ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of wholesome and natural products.

Send those good vibes out and get them right back!   

Your entire being deserves love too.

What’s our secret?

We want you to look good and feel even better! And of course, help you maintain your naturally, beautiful skin.

How, you ask? Well we will let you in on our secret. Lica Cole’s Magic Matcha powers is a combination of  pure oils and herbs to make you feel like the Queen of Green.

Not only is this blend all natural, but it works wonders for your skin! Seriously, matcha can do it all. Let’s look at the Matcha facts. This green tea powder can

  • Improve overall skin complexion
  • Protect and defend skin from free radicals and harmful effects from the environment
  • Smooth and tone imperfections
  • Give your skin a boost of antioxidants
  • Create the healthy glow you deserve!

Why We Use Matcha?

Did you know? Matcha has been at the heart of Japanese tea ceremonies for over 900 years. Geisha used this tea to maintain the flawless, porcelain skin they are known for.

You can be a geisha too! Rich in vitamins like A, B-complex, C, E and K, Matcha acts as a super antioxidant for the body, let your beautiful glow shine from the inside out.

See why you need matcha in your life?