Healing From Environmental Impacts with our Organic Cleansing Smoothie

June 05, 2017

Healing From Environmental Impacts with our Organic Cleansing Smoothie

The environment we live in creates a huge obstacle in our mission to maintain healthy skin. Inescapable irritants are in the air around us, both manmade and natural. These irritants can be broken down into three main categories: physical, chemical and biological.

Physical factors include heat, cold and sunlight.

Chemical irritants can include pollutants in the water and air, household cleaners, car emissions, second-hand smoke, alcohol, and allergens.

Biological factors include can include certain types of pollen, pet dander and bacteria or fungi.

Studies have shown that pollution can cause reactions in the skin that inhibit the way it repairs itself.

Despite these factors, your skin works full-time to defend the body from these harmful effects. The outer layer of the skin, called the epidermis, helps keep water in your skin while working to keep harmful materials out.

Since a lot of these irritants are difficult if not impossible to avoid, we believe you should take extra care of this layer of your skin.

At Lica Cole, we believe the key to keeping the skin safe from environmental impacts is a great cleanser. We created our Organic Cleansing Smoothie to heal from within and protect the epidermis with organic ingredients. This cleanser works wonders on those suffering from acne, breakouts or redness in the skin.

Rich with powerful, natural enzymes and wholesome ingredients like Aloe Vera Leaf juice, Camu Camu fruit extract, and our Green Secret formula, our cleanser will purify the skin, while enriching it with antioxidants as a line of defense against harmful irritants.

Give your skin the love and protection it needs and try it today!


Kailey Brennan is our Content Executive and Wellness blogger. With a passion for holistic living, she loves to research all these exciting and informative topics so that Lica Cole can spread the beautiful message of natural, green beauty. She is obsessed with essential oils, books, and vegan food, and her favorite Lica Cole product is our Ayurvedic Smoothing Silk

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